IPICT | OVERVIEW_Training, upskilling and preparing teachers for the digital age at a nominal fee

The program is designed for part-time study, where candidates can undertake 6 hours of study per week. The course runs for 5-7 months with a total workload of 50-120 hours, depending on the previous experience of the candidate.

IPICT is designed to include all levels of participants, ranging from frequent users of ICT and e-learning to teachers with little experience of technology. Teachers and students are exposed to online resources which provides them with the scope to create engaging and learning scenarios. Online membership of teachers’ network increases collaboration and peer-to-peer learning, empowering teachers to understand, analyze and use large quantities of student data.

This program is set to become the standard for educators teaching effectively with technology. The program is delivered in countries like Albania, Australia, Cameroon, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Uganda.