IPICT | BENEFITS_Improving the quality of education that leads to innovation for change


For Students:
  • Engaging education with judicious use of IC
  • Explorative and creative learning opportunities
  • Engaging and effective learning scenarios
  • Increased participation in the learning process raising the level of learning


For Teacher:
  • Exposed to usage of Web 2.0 tools
  • Enabled to utilize time judiciously in professional and personal life
  • Enabled to innovate learning methods, scenarios and develop content
  • Professional growth and worldwide acceptance


School Advantage:
  • Competent in-house tech savvy team of teachers
  • Optimal use of technological, digital and human resources in school
  • Better equipped to evaluate digital products
  • Effective and efficient teaching and learning methods


Society Advantage:
  • Highly competent and skilled teachers proficient in use of ICT
  • Increased quality of education leading to innovations for changes
  • Highly capable education capital creation to keep pace with other nations