IPICT | FEATURES_Enhancing teachers’ skills by integrating technology into teaching to foster productive ideas
Objective of the program
  • ipict_maketeachersconversantTo make teachers conversant enough to integrate ICT skills in pedagogy
  • ipict_PedagogicalICTPedagogical ICT and professional development of teachers
  • ipict_CertificationCertification of in-service teachers
  • ipict_SchoolDevelopmentSchool Development
  • ipict_CollaborativeCollaborative e-learning
  • ipict_Contentco-creationContent co-creation and sharing
Salient features
  • All modules of the course have both pedagogical / didactic elements and ICT skill elements
  • Course materials inspire and foster ideas about teaching with ICT
  • The participants in a course work towards developing instructional material and learning scenarios of their own daily practice
  • Through electronic communication, a trained facilitator supports and challenges the participants on pedagogy and subject specific ICT
  • The assignments are real and current resulting in concrete learning and identifying their own routes for improvement
  • The in-built flexibility of the course offers participants the opportunity of customized and self–paced learning and completion of the certification