MIND CHAMPIONS ACADEMY | ACHIEVEMENTS_IN MIND CHAMPIONS ACADEMY Meet the young winners of chess who marked their name with their genius moves

The interactive online Chess sessions led by Grand Master Viswanathan Anand over the NIIT Imperia platform, have enabled 400 school children to receive coaching by the Grandmaster

  • NIIT sponsored Karthikeyan M., (a 2006 MCA champion from the South), for the All India Chess Finals at Ahmedabad in August 2008, besides other competitions to improve his FIDE rating. His current rating is 1780 and he stands 40th out of the 210 participants at the National Level. Karthikeyan recently became the National Champion in the Under-11 Chess Championship category. He has also been selected to represent India for the forthcoming World and Asian Chess Championships.
  • Apart from Karthikeyan from Tamil Nadu, several other MCA contest winners have earned laurels at the National Level. There is Dhanasree from the NES School, Mumbai, who is an Asian, National and State level player. Deepak Thakur from Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh has also begun his career outside MCA with a third rank in the Hamirpur District Championship.
  • Adeeth from Coimbatore has secured first position in the district-level matches. Pravat Kharande from Mumbai has won the first prize in the Inter-school Knockout Chess Championship, the second Prize in the Kings Chess Academy Award, and was ranked first in an Inter-school competition.
  • Gurleen Kaur, a class 6 student from Indore has secured fourth rank in the Inter-school tournament at Indore. South Zone champion Gautham has an international rating of 1160.
  • Viswanathan Anand plays Chess regularly with students and teachers of various schools in different parts of India.
The program on chess is available online on www.ignou.ac.in and www.niitnguru.com.
It is a complete virtual learning environment suite covering all the activities from registration to certification.

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