INTERACTIVE OVERVIEW CLASSROOM | OVERVIEW_ A Comprehensive Interactive Classroom solution

The core concept of Interactive Classroom Cloud is covered using multimedia, including animations and video that goes beyond the teaching- learning environment in schools. This helps learners visualize abstract concepts, and adds a visual element to learning, which enhances retention. The tool is an Age Appropriate Instructional Design that relates to learners of all ages and enables them to learn appropriately (refer to the section on Instructional Design strategies).

The solution is designed for Indian classrooms and completely adheres to the syllabus prescribed by the curriculum governing bodies. Other existing solutions mostly offer content from various ad hoc sources that are not at all meant for Indian classrooms.

Interactive Classroom Cloud provides students and teachers with plurality of content, as recommended by NCF 2005. A host of educational tools of ICR Cloud provides a better learning experience to setup collaborative classrooms. These tools are:

Geometer’s SketchPad 5.0:

It assists in enhanced Math learning experience, where learners can experience and explore the concepts in great detail.

MapCreator 2.0:

It is an interactive cartographic tool used to learn social studies.

Interactive White Board:

It provides classrooms with an engaging learning experience and helps to implement collaborative classrooms.

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