INTERACTIVE CLASSROOM | FEATURES _Rich, dynamic and comprehensive learning online content aimed at holistic development of students
  • Anytime-anywhere learning by students and collaboration between all stakeholders
  • Evaluation made simple to implement, administer and monitor
  • Enables teachers and students to experience cause and effect
  • Allows tremendous flexibility in the choice of examples and approaches to the concept
  • The automate feature is an alternative for individuals who are not as yet comfortable enough with technology to use the interact feature
  • Provides teachers with additional information in the form of real-life examples, fascinating facts, historical background, exceptions etc.
  • In-addition it provides teachers with experiential knowledge such as questions commonly asked in class, reinforcement, misconceptions, challenging problems etc.
  • Allows the teachers to add content created by them to the solution provided by NIIT and create a rich repository/library of digital content
  • Dynamic question banks with 51,000+ objective and 33,000+ subjective question types with analysis tools, facilitating teachers to configure question papers and analyze the performance
  • Teachers can Add/Modify/Delete questions
  • Questions can be tagged based upon LOD, marks, source MCA, etc.
  • Teachers can add questions with marks ranging from 1 to 10 marks
  • Availability of Game Based Computer Aided Assessment (gCAA) and printable
  • Enables teachers to add/edit the content in Dynamic Web-Links, Dynamic Glossary* and Digital Library, Question Banks for continuously enhancing the available content
  • Enables teachers to administer tests online (intranet)
  • The performance of learners can be instantly evaluated after tests
  • Aids the teacher and management to monitor the usage of the solutionto facilitate corrective action

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