An end-to-end teaching-learning solution from the pioneers of IT education in India. IT wizard aims at revolutionizing the way IT is being taught.

Solution that works


Why IT?

The all-pervasive nature of technology makes IT skills indispensable to classroom education. IT is at the core of most professional skills. 


The NIIT Advantage

As undisputed leaders in IT education, NIIT has rich and diverse content and instructional design resources to perfectly complement modern classroom education.


21st Century Ready

Designed in line with the CCE Pattern to help young learners emulate technology use cases and implement them in their everyday life.

IT Wizard Plus


IT Wizard Plus is designed to create an early exposure of technology amongst students.

IT Wizard Plus deploys PACE methodology of learning. ‘PACE’ is built on the principles of David Kolb’s experiential learning model which means, learning through reflection on doing. 

The program familiarizes the students with the various facets of technology and also nurtures their creativity through continuous exposure to various learning modules.

The program aims at making the students future-ready with relevant IT skills and exposure to technology at an early age.

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IT Wizard Classic

The current generation is growing amid a digital revolution where is technological know-how is anything but a choice.

IT Wizard Classic is an end-to-end solution to empower the students with skills and know-how to make the most of the ongoing IT revolution.

The curriculum spans across wide variety of IT learning areas, including IT applications, Programming languages, Web communication, etc.

An effective head start to students keen to build a career in IT and computer science related professions.

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  • A digital approach of integrating technology in teaching & learning is actually remarkable. It helps students to be creative and more innovative. It helps in increasing the brain power of students with modern techniques. NIIT IT Wizard is beneficial for students, faculties & school as well.

    Principal, All Saints School, Agra
  • The curriculum designed by NIIT Nguru is informative and up to date and our students have been benefitted by the knowledge imparted. The teacher in charge from NIIT Nguru for IT has been very co-operative both with the staff and students of our school. Their services are always on time. She is able to complete her syllabus with ease and tries to blend with the school disciplines very comfortably. 

    Archana Suresh, Principal, Royal School, Bangalore
  • We have been associated for the past 9 years and I am confident for the dependable and continuous service with a quality company such as NIIT Nguru. I am so pleased to have their support with its excellence product, both in quality and services for IT- education in our school.

    Mrs Surya Prabha, Head Mistress, Bal Vidya Kendra
  • It is a real pleasure to have NIIT Nguru support with its excellent product both in quality and services for IT education in our school. We have been associated for the past 13 years and it’s been a real pleasure.

    Mrs Kalindi Gurjar, Head Mistress, St Mark’s Public School
  • NIIT product ITW Plus has been an integral part of our school curriculum. It’s application has benefited the school immensely. The entire program related to computer education enhances the quality of teaching and learning techniques for the students.

    Dr. D.K. Pandey, Principal

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