No focus on mathematical process

disconnection towards day-to-day learning

limited real-life practice material

lack of aids for learning concepts

no room for exploration and creativity

lack of application of math concepts in real life

Uniquely tailored to your needs

  • 01

    Engages the learner in the process of learning, aiming to remove the ‘fear of math’

  • 02

    All stakeholders students, parents & teachers are able to relate math intuitively through real life application

  • 03

    leaner and teachers are aware of the expected output after completion of each chapter

  • 04

    Helps create the true knowledge of math, rather than top - line learning

  • 05

    One - Stop Solution for an immersive experience of learning, practicing and having fun with multi - sensory approach

  • 06

    empowers students to become independent and self - reliant learners with minimal intervention


  • state-of-the-art courseware
  • school engagement activities
  • continuous in-service training & support
  • complete assessment platform
  • engaging manipulatives
  • qr code to access digital content
  • lesson plan for all classes
  • web based teaching-learning material
  • The Math Lab of NIIT Nguru caters to students of primary and secondary classes. At the primary level, children learn mathematical concepts through manipulatives which are well designed. The hands on lab activities reinforce their understanding of concepts.

    Ms Subala Ananthanarayanan, Principal, Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School
  • NIIT Nguru’s MathLab gives hands-on experience to the students. Manipulatives like Tangrams and Centimeter cubes really help them in understanding the concepts. Students really enjoy making various polyhedrons using manipulatives.

    Ms Geeta Basavaraj, Principal, BGS International Residential School
  • The MathLab has started showing results in my school. My students won the junior and senior levels to lift the Champions Trophy of Mathematics league comptetion at the Sarla Birla Academy, Bangalore.

    Ms Manju Sharma, Principal, Delhi Public School
  • Learning by doing in Maths which was once a dream, has come true. The subject which the students were scared off, has become interesting. NIIT MathLab is really a blessing for the young ignited minds who have gained practical knowledge through play way method. This innovative method and various appropriate manipulative have helped to rekindle interest in them

    Prashant Fernandes, Principal, Ryan International School

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