A pedagogy with collaborative activities, allows students to learn and develop skills for problem – solving. Through progressive approaches students are able to bridge the learning between the different concepts learnt and transit with ease.

Exploratory activities to discuss alternative solutions to open-ended questions

Maths journal offers opportunities for self-reflection

Hands-on activities and games to reinforce skills

Activities to develop critical thinking skills and challenge students to solve non-routine questions based on HOTS [ Higher order thinking skills

Activities outside the classroom available via Home Maths

Trends in Mathematics and Science Studies [ TIMSS] is one of the studies established by International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement [IEA] aimed at allowing educational systems worldwide to compare students educational achievement and learn from the experience of others in designing effective education policies.


Learning is made meaningful and manageable with the use of concrete objects to model problems. This stage brings concepts to life by allowing students to experience and handle physical objects.


Students are guided to transit from using objects to observing visual representations of what they were using.


Students become adept at learning concepts represented in an abstract manner and become fluent in using symbols and numerals to handle more complicated tasks.


1-5 Grade


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