Teachers and schools

  • 01

    Access to a comprehensive question bank to configure and administer assessment.

  • 02

    Based on insights, teacher could selectively design, create and plan assessment.

  • 03

    Readymade Solutions helps teacher analyze student response and give
    them feedbacks.

  • 04

    Teachers could use theme s tool of self-learning or the students or
    practice test.

  • 05

    Helps teachers plan different strategies for the learning of the student.

  • 06

    Helps teacher in deciding what each student is ready to learn next in the
    learning cycle.

  • 07

    Teacher could gauge into students’ accuracy on a topic level basis the
    practice results

Students and parents

  • An online evaluation system that gives instant
  • Gives student an opportunity to move in a well-paced manner as per their current capability, strength and weakness.
  • Helps Student analyze their responses and review their answers to identify the mistakes.
  • The system guides students to move to higher order learning scenarios, at their own pace.
  • Help students know the strengths and weakness and plan the learning accordingly.
  • Constructive Feedback to the parents help parent trace the progress of child with time.
  • Helps student in understanding areas to focus through graphs and
  • Students get to master the concept starting by mastering the concepts moving gradually from simpler to complex topics.
  • Over time, students move forward in their learning when they can use personal knowledge to construct meaning, have skills of self- monitoring to reaalize that they don't understand something, and have ways of deciding what to do next.

    Lorna M. Earl (2003), Assessment As Learning
  • Practice plus platform gives the opportunity to conduct online exams in our school which is very helpful to the students. 

    Dr. D.K. Pandey, Principal

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